About Us

Rise Above Tattoo & Piercing is a boutique tattoo salon providing professional and quality ink art as well as piercing services. Founded in 2012 by Boon, an ink artist veteran of more than 10 years, Rise Above Tattoo & Piercing is passionate about bringing the beauty of ink and body art - as well as body piercing - to a bigger consumer crowd.

Whether you are a seasoned body art enthusiast or new to exploring the world of tattooing and piercing, our friendly artists are always readily available to assist you in achieving whatever designs that you want.







Our Artists

Boon - Rise Above Tattoo & Piercing


A veteran tattoo and piercing artist of 10 years, Boon started Rise Above Tattoo & Piercing in year 2012 to bring ink art closer and more directly to his customers. 

Soft spoken and gentle, Boon takes time and care to go through every detail of the tattoo process with the customer so that he/she is always assured and at ease, knowing that he/she will be in safe and experienced hands. 

Boon specialises in black and grey designs, but is also versatile and able to work on any designs that the customer may request for. 

Zhong - Rise Above Tattoo & Piercing


Outgoing, friendly and hardworking, Zhong is a self-taught tattoo artist who is extremely passionate about his craft and always gives his 100% to accomplishing the designs that customers desire.

Zhong has been honing his craft since 2012 and is versatile with all kinds of ink work, but specialises in customised Japanese tattoo forms.

Jason - Rise Above Tattoo & Piercing


Enthusiastic and mercurial, Jason takes great pride in his piercing work, placing much emphasis especially on the cleaniness of his approach and method. Bringing professional qualification to his trade, Jason is certified in bloodbore pathogens - diseases and infections control.

A professional piercer since 2013, Jason never rests on his laurels; instead he continously seeks to learn more about the body piercing trade and upgrade his skills to better serve all those who visit him.

Your Body Is A Canvas
And We Are Your Artist.